3 Reasons Why it’s Important to Know Your Values


Knowing your values has a lot to do with who you are as a person and the type of people you surround yourself with. Your actions and attitude are a reflection of the values you hold. Having a clear and concise understanding of what means most to you helps you gain a sense of flow in your life with the friendships and relationships you maintain.

If you are feeling distress, maybe this is because what you are being asked to do, or even the things you are doing on your own, do not line up with what you want for yourself. But it becomes harder to understand this when you are not aware of your values. 

We do not have to be stuck to only one value. In fact, we can hold on to as many as we want and they can change with time. We are forever changing so our core values are bound to change with us as we open ourselves up to different experiences and meet different people. 



Below are three very important reasons to know your values


  • When you are aware of your values, this leads to a heightened level of awareness within you. You become aware of the choices you are making and why it may be healthy or unhealthy for you to make those choices. Living a life being self- aware stops you from making mistakes you later regret. Being aware of what you hold close to you prevents you from wasting time on futile things. For example, if you are someone that values growth, then you are going to continue seeking people who have goals in life and not stick with people that hold you down with their negative thoughts. You value people who can help you see the best in you. In turn, you start surrounding yourself with people and situations who have the value that means the most to you.


  • Having values is not just about understanding yourself but also understanding your strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t take control over your life, you are in turn giving permission to other people to control it. If we know what means most to us, we are able to lead a more fulfilling life because we are essentially focused on the things we deem important to us. With our values in mind, we are able to make clear goals on where we want to go and who we want to be near. By prioritizing what is important to you, you are able to not let other things get in the way. You start to give your time to things and people that do mean a lot to you. If one of your core values is friendship, you will stop wasting your time with toxic people but rather focus it on making more meaningful friendships and relationships.


  • Essentially knowing your values helps in determining who you are. Are you someone that values trust more than anything else? Are you a person that values health and inner peace above everything else? Are you a person that values wealth more than other things? All these values help you become more confident in the choices you make on a daily basis. By comprehending what is important to you, you become less unsure of your decisions and in turn trust yourself more. You are more fulfilled because you realize what is significant to you on a wider scale. You stop putting your energy into negative thoughts or decisions.  There is less conflict in your life because you are aware of who you are and don’t feel lost or confused in why you feel that something is making you feel a certain way. You are able to apprehend why certain situations and people feel right while others feel completely off or  wrong.

Overall, knowing what you stand for and who you are…. not only help you in making decisions but also in leading a more healthy, fulfilling life with meaning and purpose. Remember to always take time to know yourself. Every piece in your life will make sense to you if you are able to take time to know what means most you and what you value. 



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