Be Still

To all of you out there that are constantly rushing in life,

Running from train to train

College to Graduation

Graduation to Job

Job to Class

Class to Job

Girlfriend/boyfriend to Fiance

Fiance to spouse

Spouse to Divorcé

sloooow down

Not everything is a race in life. Especially your time. Your time is your time and it will pass regardless if you do anything or you don’t. Don’t waste it on futile outer pleasure. Spend it finding out more about yourself. Spend it loving yourself. Spend it being gentle and caring with yourself. Spend it knowing there is no need to rush, time will pass anyways. Everything will happen regardless if your rush or don’t. Patience is a virtue not many have. Patience is learned by being practiced. By practicing patience, one is giving up the power to have control over everything including the circumstances.

Getting a degree after 25, is still an achievement. Not being married at 30, but still happy is beautiful. Starting a family after 35, is still possible.

Don’t let anyone rush your timeline.
                                         – Jay Shetty

Most of why we rush does not even make sense when we really take a look within. And sometimes we are rushing for the wrong reasons. We may be rushing to make our family happy, or our friends, or even our significant others. We want them to be happy, so we rush into what we think they want. In turn, I am no longer myself. Or as Cooley says, “I’m not what I think I am, I’m not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am.”

We lose identity of ourselves when we are constantly rushing trying to fit into all these little boxes we’ve set for ourselves. These boxes are so narrowed down from generations past that we don’t realize we can always take a different path, a much more unique path. But a path full of uncertainty, a path we can not simply rush into. We have to take our time here to be able to accomplish and be fulfilled in every way possible. Not just for that fleeting moment but for every single breath you hold.

Learn to be still in a sea of chaos.

Learn to be still in a mind of wild thoughts.

Learn to be still for you.

You deserve to take your time for you.

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