Feeling Stuck?

There are times we feel like we’re in a rut

No matter how many times we try to move foreword

We feel as if Life sends us 50 steps backwards with every step we take forewords

But with that every step that we take

A new change is taking place

Which will require more effort, more work, more commitment

We tend to get scared of this

Rather than embracing the challenge

And keep moving forewords

We get scared

And we ought to be, anything uncertain will be scary

But it’s in that uncertainty that we need to find peace

Need to not feel stuck but rather trust that no matter what it is

You will be taken care of

Your time will come

Just don’t give up on yourself

If you need to take a breather, do it

If you need to change plans for a minute, do it

If you want to remain still for a minute, do it

But don’t give up

Remember, many people in the past have also been on the path you’re on

When all feels lost

When nothing seems to work

Just change your plan for yourself

And don’t be afraid to leap when you have to

I’m a strong believer of failing big rather than being to afraid to try at all

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