Flow 🐛

To be in a state of Flow,
You have to learn to just be
Don’t force anything
Don’t push anything
Just learn to be
You’ll find happiness and the deepest satisfaction in your life
By choosing to just be
Don’t try to control your situation
Don’t try to control other people
Don’t try to control your surroundings or your future
You will learn that somethings are outside of our control
Somethings we cannot simply control
We just have to let some things be
And trust that with time
It will prove to give us a sense of peace
Both within ourselves
And with our surroundings
In ways unimaginable by the present eyes
To make this concept even simpler I say learn from children and trees
By just being, they give everyone a type of satisfaction we can never fully express with words
Rather it’s a feeling that arises of being home
Being in sync with ourselves
Learn to be present
The child only focuses on what’s given at hand and is therefore in a state of flow/full concentration
Learning to be confident and not self conscious
The child is confident enough to laugh whole heartedly and be happy on their own with out doing much
Learning to not focus so much on the future
Rather learn to enjoy the small things that are happening around you everyday
Smell the air when the grass is freshly cut or right after it rains
Dance in the rain when you have a chance
Feel the sensation of chewing on your food
Feel your gaze soften as you look at the person you love
Savor those small moments
Because these my friends are just a tiny portion of what makes life precious ❤️

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