Be Your Own Person ๐Ÿ™

How about looking at this way,

Every day is a new beginning

Thank yourself for taking care of yourself

Thank god for giving you yet another day, another minute, another second to become better

Thank yourself for not giving up

Yet, allowing yourself to flow within your own pace, your own time

Not comparing your struggle or success to anyone elseโ€™s but your own

We are all humans with the same goal at the end of the day

To be the best version of ourselves that we can be

See it as an army of wellwishers who want to the see the world a better place

Fight alongside this army to find your way, not against it

Only the weak compare their successes to other peopleโ€™s failures

Only the weak compare their failures to others who have succeeded more

Be your own person

Compare your successes to your own failures

And you will go further than you could ever imagine

Push yourself to do better

Stay dedicated to what you want for yourself

Remember the past as a lesson learned

And let it go with love

Remember every day as a success

No matter how small of a thing may have happened

And think of tomorrow as a day you can try again, to DO better, to BE better

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