Dear Tree 🌴,

Standing strong with wrinkles around you
How do you do that?
How do you stay so strong
You never move even in the strongest winds
You always show up, never slacking or flaking
You do nothing but stand there
Yet it’s because of you we are still here
It’s you that we breathe in every second
You are in us, you are all around us
Yet we walk by daily thinking
It’s all us.
If it were not for you, we would not be
Whether we are here or not
You still stay
You are the constant
You are the peace within yourself
You give the most
Yet, you just stand there
No one appreciates you the way you should be appreciated
Yet you never give up trying to just be
When I feel your skin
It’s rough and patchy
Due to everything you’ve been through
Yet you stay strong and collected
You give shade and you are the reason we live
You allow us to pursue our dreams and wishes
All you asked was for us to let you stay
You give a home to so many beings
Yet you never complain
Or crumble under the weight
You stay strong
You inspire me to be strong
That no matter how many rough patches I go through In life
You will always be there
And show me to stay strong and just be
You have to trust yourself to reach and believe
You have to trust yourself to grow
Let yourself change in ways you couldn’t imagine possible
You don’t know whether you’ll be there tomorrow or not
Yet you don’t stop showing up
And it’s not you alone
You have a huge family that stands strong with you
And I just want to say thank you
Thank you for inspiring me
And showing me how to stay strong
Thank you for giving me the life inside of me
Thank you for helping me grow

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