Be Gentle With Yourself ❤️

When we go through a problem or face an obstacle… we feel as if all everyone wants to do is give you their opinion. They give you external solutions but not many can let go of their judgment and tell you what’s really important… to look within yourself for the answers. Ask yourself those questions you may have. It’s important to get feedback from other people too but initially it’s how you feel about it that can allow you to overcome any obstacle. Remember, no one is in charge of your decisions except you.

You are going to be the one living with the decisions you make in life. I feel whatever you want to do in life, do it. Of course within reason. You should always be honest with yourself about who you are. I wouldn’t encourage going around physically hurting people but I would encourage you to dance on impulse or go on that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, talk to that person you’ve always wanted to talk to.

Allow yourself to feel those emotions you have been feeling. When you’re spending most of your time pushing your emotions away, they find a way to catch up to you eventually. If I can leave you with any sort of advice today that is to be kind to yourself and your thoughts. Be gentle and understanding with yourself. Don’t push those thoughts away. Let them come and try to understand why you may be feeling those emotions. How are they making you feel? Where are they coming from? Are they coming from a place of anger, regret, happiness? Understand them rather than pushing them away.

Soon you’ll realize you’re more at peace with yourself then you could’ve ever been. By coming face to face with your problems… you have found a way to deal with them in a way that is not harmful to you. Most of all, forgive yourself. Breathe forgiveness into your thoughts. Let yourself just be. Don’t push or force yourself to feel anything other than what or how you’re feeling. Acknowledge that you are feeling this way and find a way to make it better.

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