Moments Like These…

Today, I finally stopped for a second to take in everything around me. I saw my nephew who is only about 5 years old, running towards me. His hair flowing behind him. His smile wide and warm. His eyes open and trusting. The dimples at the corners of his mouth pressing against his skin. The sun shining on him while he ran on the golden sand towards me… made me realize… these are the moments we live for. This is the moment that made me realize how precious life is, every moment of it. My nephew running to me, arms wide open had this warmth coming out of him. He trusted me, he loved me and in that moment I knew nothing this world could give me could compare to that moment right there that he and I shared. It is true that moments like these are what make life worth living. This world truly is beautiful, we just have to be open to receiving and just letting things be. We tend to get so focused on trying to make things work the way they should be working that we forget we’re not in control of anything. Let go of that control and you’ll feel immensely relieved. Like a huge burden has lifted off of your shoulder. In this moment, you’re not concerned about the past or the present, you‘re choosing to just be. And when you choose to just be, you realize how everything works out exactly how it should have even if sometimes it may feel like the world is against you. Trust yourself, and have faith in the universe that you are indeed on the right path and you’ll get to where you need to. Just be patient and trust.

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