I’ll be Okay

Looking up at the stars in my bedroom ceiling

I know they’re not real

Yet, every night I find myself looking, and… believing

I wish on those stars

I wish on the moon

I find this sense of serene peace

Both within my heart and my surroundings

Tomorrow doesn’t scare me

I feel full


For the first time, I’m embracing the quietness

Not looking for something to distract myself with

Rather taking everything in

Being gentle and kind

With every thought that passes through

I don’t regret

Instead, I understand

I let myself feel, the pain, anger and I treat it with kindness

I become gentle within myself

Following my breathing

In… out. In. Out.

My face is relaxed

I know I’ll be okay

I understand now I can’t control everything

I can only keep going with the flow

Letting things be

And trying my best to be the best person I can be

Or have ever wanted to be

The best version of myself

It’s not a lie

It’s a truth you have to believe in on your own

Let yourself heal

With as much time as you need

But keep growing and changing

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